Pretty girl privilege

Hot sexy womanMost men are unable to handle a hot sexy woman of my caliber so it really turns me on when I come across one who can. A strong, independent and beautiful female like myself makes these pathetic losers run for the hills. It’s funny how intimidated and insecure a male becomes when he meets a gorgeous goddess who has the ability to walk all over him! Vanilla men just do not understand my lifestyle whatsoever and I am totally okay with that. If anything, it weeds out who the fuck I want in my presence and who does not belong there whatsoever! I am way too gorgeous and way too rich to give a flying fuck about any sort of broke peasant business. It’s a known fact that hott girls have access to a whole different type of life on a grand scale, that of which ugly poor bitches know nothing about! Pretty girl privilege is real and I am always the center of attention. 😉

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