Wet for You


Erotic roleplaying

Sobbing into your torrid broad shoulder as you tease my clit with your massive member. The feel of your skin under my nails as you fuck me like you love me causing my warm cunt to flood like the ocean. I scream and bring you in closer as you begin to stroke into me further and further. We are one. Inside of each other and loving one another; I can feel you. You pick up your drenched face from the inner corner of my neck to pour into my eyes with your sensual glare of passion. You bring your hand to my hot cheeks and gently wipe my tears while placing a kiss onto my lips. You grab my face and pull me into your now rough embrace, making me shiver all over. My nails dig deeper as your grip tightens around my soft neck. I know I bruise easy, yet I have no problem with these marks of passion. You thrust into me harder and faster; my cries begin to sound like music to your ears. I am wet for you…

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