Small Dick Humiliation

Small dick humiliationI am more than an expert for Small dick humiliation. It’s more so a way of life for me. I am a queen, and all men are below me. Pathetic and useless. They have two purposes and that’s to serve me if they are deemed submissive or please me if deemed a true man with a hefty cock. The other purpose is to fill my wallet, my bank account. Cater to my every want and wish and never tell me no when I ask for money. That’s what a man is worth to a woman as exquisite as I am. Let me tell you I’ve been wined and dined by millionaires, been on their huge yachts and attended their posh parties. It’s old news to me. They all had money but they all had small measly cocks. They got off on a goddess such as myself laughing at their measly wanna-be cocks. They would jerk their over-sized clits as I teased them and degraded them. Humiliated their tiny dicks until they paid me and squirted to being put into their proper place.

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