Small Dick Loser Neighbor

small dick humiliation I have a dirty neighbor. He is always spying on me. He is much older than me, so that makes him a pervert. I love perverts though. Once I realized he was spying on me, I gave him a show. So last night I pranced around my room naked. I even sat on the edge of my bed with my legs spread. I got out my pink dildo and fucked my cunnie. I knew he was watching me, but I acted like I had no clue he was spying on me. I love being watched. Most men love watching me too because I have no shame. Honestly, I am an exhibitionist slut! I almost forgot he was spying on me from his bedroom window because I was cumming so much on my pink toy. When I heard something outside, it startled me. My voyeur was now a peeping Tom. He was right outside my window with his face pressed up against the window. I got up and walked over to the window, opened it up and asked him if he saw anything he liked? I wasn’t inviting him in until I knew he had a big dick.  It was dark and I couldn’t really see anything. I asked him if he had a big cock and he ran away. My guess he is a loser man with a small cock that has to be a peeping Tom because it is the only way he sees young cunnie like me.

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