Sexy babe

Sexy babe

I just love still being a sexy babe at an older age. The older I get, the more I like to tease and play with younger men. I just love leaving the curtains open in my house as I walk around after a shower and air dry. I’ve caught the pool boy looking into my windows and stroking his cock, several times. I usually put on a little show for him when I catch him peeking at me. He knows that my husband is too old to fuck and that this cougar is ready to pounce on the first sexy man I see. Today I caught him peeking in my window with his hard cock already in his hand and he was stroking it while watching me. I put my leg up on the chair in my bathroom and spread my lips while facing him. He looked shocked and then, excited as I started to rub my clit and tease my pretty, tight pussy with my fingers. I played with my titties as I finger fucked my pussy for him. He stroked his cock as I made myself cum for him over and over. My hand was soaked and I had my own sweet pussy juices rolling down my leg from how wet he had me. I watched him stroke his hard cock until he spewed his cum all over the place. Next time I catch him, I’m going to let him spew all of that hot sticky cum all over me.

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