Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliationHahaha! Small dick humiliation? More like microscopic! I could laugh and laugh at that thing forever. No wonder you can’t get any woman to fuck you. No wonder you’re such a whiny cuck! You’re pathetic in every way, you don’t deserve to be called a man and you don’t deserve to call that a cock when to me it just looks like an oversized clit, at best. It pleases me to humiliate a man that is really just a girl considering the lack of cock. If you don’t have a monster cock, you’re a bitch. You are useless to society, and only a dumping ground for making fun of and torturing. Some think they are still in charge because their wives have boosted their fragile ego. They are more than wrong and I am always happy to put them right back in their place. Groveling at my knees, whining and begging as I laugh and force him to do things he never imagined. Pathetic!!!

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