Some Men Don’t Deserve Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSome men need small dick humiliation. Some more than others. Mike was a loser pizza delivery guy. A forty year old man with what I call failure to thrive syndrome. How many 40 year old men who deliver pizza for a living, drive an old beater car, reek of weed, live in their parent’s basement would hit on a woman like me? There was no way this loser had a big dick. He kept telling me that I could not handle him. I ordered a pizza. Nothing else. I told him to get out but he was not leaving. He wanted a blowjob as his tip. Well, the joke was on me for once. He had damn near a foot long cock. I gave him the best head of his life. I could handle his big cock because I only fuck big cock. He just caught me by surprise. I mean a man with a porn star cock could be a gigolo or porn star not a pizza delivery guy. I was  slumming fucking him, but a big dick is a big dick. He made my pussy squirt half a dozen times and he ate my pussy too. I may have a new pet project. This man is worth saving. I can help him make a lot of money because I know plenty of sexy hot women who will pay to have a cock that big in their pussy.

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