Sub with Ass Fetish Begs to Worship This Ass

Your Mistress Tends to Your Kinky Ass Fetish

I know you’re a dirty little pervert with an ass fetish. You’re not like other men. You don’t just like a nice juicy ass or a tight perky booty. You need it. You’d do anything to be able to worship an ass properly. Luck for you, your Mistress Mercy is has a tight shithole that loves attention. I want to make you my ass worship play thing. So get down on your knees and get that dirty tongue ready for me.

I’m going to bend over and let my ass jiggle a bit. Your hypnotized by the way my hips are shaking and those ass cheeks are moving. But what really makes your dick hard is when I grab my ass cheeks and spread them apart as far as I can. You can see that brown fuck hole an your mouth waters. I push my asshole out and make it wink for you. Now get to worshiping your hot sexy woman.

ass fetish

You Get to Worship a Hot Sexy Woman

Your tongue licks all over my asshole. Push your tongue deep inside that dirty shit pipe. I grab your face to force you deeper and deeper into my ass. You’re smothered and loving every minute of it. Your slobber covers my ass cheeks and makes me a sloppy mess. It would be a shame if I didn’t put all that lube to good use. And that cock between your thighs looks a little dry.

I bend forward further and grab my ankles. You take the invitation and slowly push your horny cock into your favorite hole. You fuck me the way I tell you to. Long strokes at first. I want you to enjoy the feeling of my tight ass slowly stretching to take your cock. Then I tell you to let loose. Fucking my ass is your reward for your dedicated worship. Now cum for Mistress.

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