Swapping Mutual Masturbation Stories

I really enjoy swapping some sexy mutual masturbation stories with my lovers. You get me so turned on as you tell me about how you and your friend started to masturbate together. Shared with me how it turned into your friend stroking your young cock while you stroked his bigger hard dick. You watched each other stroking then would take turns stroking on another off. You both came so much and giggled about it. That was hot, but I found it even hotter how things got naughtier and you started to suck your friend’s dick. You were captivated by how it grew and how good it felt to stroke. It didn’t take much persuasion from your friend to get you to suck it, now did it? I loved the way it progressed even into you taking your friend’s cock in your ass. You let your friend fuck you anally and you loved it. You became a little dick faggot at the desires two friends grew to have for their sexual exploration or even exploitation if you wish. I find it exciting, I find the stories about this kind of sex just as exciting. I love our sexuality.

mutual masturbation stories

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