Sweet Young Sexy Legs In Nylons For You

sexy legs

My sexy Legs tend to fuck a man’s head up and make his cock hard for me. I enjoy being a young slut that can get whatever she wants out of a man with my pretty nylons and toes. I often sit on my Teachers’ desk and help him grade papers as my stocking feet give him a foot job. I was really horny before winter break though and I wanted to fuck him and give him my juicy tight young snatch to lap! I waited for him as he went to get coffee. I stripped down to my pretty black underclothes and waited. I didn’t mean to make him drop his coffee but I needed to be fucked. I guess I should have been playing with my bald little snatch as he opened the door! I spread my legs even further so he could slide right between my legs as I hurriedly unleashed his dick. Fuck me now! I wrapped my legs around him and he felt so good inside me finally. It was dark outside before I went home. My pretty pussy was cleaned up and I was barely able to walk! I did enjoy the text I got as he found that I had made sexy girlfriend porn of our time together for him to jerk off too over winter break!

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