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Playing with a stranger

best phone sex lorettaI rather enjoy a good quick fuck and while walking down the street, I noticed a young man that filled me with desire for him and without saying a word, I pulled him to me to kiss him deeply. And with some gentle tuggings had us down a small alley way and out of sight as our kisses grew deeper.

I was beyond thinking on my emotions getting away with me as he just felt amazing. Moving with me as he was getting too into the kissing as well his needs were raging as we finally hit a wall where we were very out of sight and without thinking he was tugging my skirt up with one hand and opening his pants with the other.

It didn’t take much for him to figure out where this was going and I wanted it. The rest of the world faded away the moment his large hot throbbing cock was free, I hopped up and wrapped my legs about him. After rubbing and teasing myself on him, I slid him into me with a soft moan. Just having him inside me was amazing and as we started moving, I held on as he pounded into me. There was no time for romancing here, but it still felt amazing. It was like being used and dirty, and just so incredibly hot. Bending my head down next to his ear, I kept my moans and whimpers of pleasure quiet and just for him.
Then with his arms wrapped in behind me, he started moving within me. Letting my hair and neck take in all his moans of pleasure as he felt himself building to a fiery release, “Soon . . . please!” he gasped out not wanting to go before me and shortchange me on this pleasure ride.

The excitement, the rush and the pleasure had me all so very heightened on my senses and just as he started begging for me to reach my release, I was choking on my cry of pleasure, my whole body hugging him tightly, nails digging into him through his shirt as I met with my rush orgasm. “Oh god!!..” I moaned out, my lips on his ear as I kissed and nibbled and nipped at his earlobe.

He cried out his own release, his hot seed spilling deep within my womb. Part of the intensity was the simple act of doing this out where others could see us. Gasping as he started to come down from the pleasure high, he pulled back from my neck so he could look down into my face, “That was amazing.” he said with a smile slowly spreading all over his face even as a bum who had been sitting back and watching us started clapping which made me smile. I thanked the young man and went on my way, still high and horny as I felt his cum leaking out of me and into my panties.