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Shut Up, and Put A Dick in Your Mouth

Sissy humiliationWhen you walk through my door, you’re a big and strong man. But I don’t need a big and strong man, I need a sissy. You’re standing tall on your feet, but I need you on your knees. Let me put you in a pretty dress and heels. I’ll put you in makeup and a wig. Now you look like my sissy, bitch. Get on your knees because I have some friends that are interested in in fucking your beautiful lips. You have a baby cock compared to my friends. Their cocks look like third legs, they’re so thick and long. I need you to open your mouth wide and accept their dicks into your throat. Don’t act like a you’ve never suck cock, I know you’re a porn star on your knees. When my friends come to my door, I want you to grab them by their crotches and lead them in to my bedroom. Then I want you on your knees with a dick in your mouth.