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Sissy humiliation Jingly jangly pink bell wearing faggot

sissy humiliation


Okay well we have a little pet piggy named Michael. We like to tease her a lot. She is known as our stupid Jingly jangly pink bell wearing faggot. She is so ridicules! Pink is her color, don’t you think? It is pretty just like a little piggy or a little bunny!

 She is Goddess Levi’s property, and she is nice to let us all have a good laugh at her often. We get very mean with her, making her dress up in woman’s clothing and also by making him do silly things. We like calling that piggy all kinds of names and embarrassing her.

She is on public display for everyone’s satisfaction of a good laugh. The latest endeavor that she has had to endure was wearing a pink outfit that showed her, not so sexy knobby knee legs, high heals and a collar.

 She had to go from place to place barking like a little bitch and striking a pose, every time a person was around. We took pictures as part of her punishment, and now posting them online for everyone to see for her to be on display and get public humiliation!

She is not very good at listen- which is why we punish her so much. So every time she didn’t do as Levi said she would make her dance like a little ballerina and sing.

She must feel pretty! That is the next jingle this little piggy should sing!

 She is indeed a pretty little piggy, don’t you think?

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