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Office fun

mature phone sexMy job is normally pretty boring.Today was different because I had been staring at the new young guy at the office all day. By lunch time, I was ready to jump across the desk and ride him right there in the conference room. It was almost as if he knew how much I wanted him. It seemed like he was teasing me. He would walk by me in the break room, getting coffee and accidentally brush up against me. Later, I could feel the bulge in his pants on my ass as he walked behind me at the water fountain. Finally, I had enough of this and pulled him in closer to me. He didn’t even try to resist as I put my hand in his pants and jerked him off right there in the hallway of the office building. He had the cutest look on his face as he finished in his pants. I laughed at him as I walked away, leaving him in a sticky mess.