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Phone Sex Therapist and Sex Ed Teacher

phone sex therapistAs a phone sex therapist and Psychology professor, I love teaching Sex Education courses. Those courses have advanced since my school days, thankfully. When I was a schoolgirl, we learned about bees and pollination. Now, I get to teach students about fucking, breeding, copulation, fornication, STDS and owning their bodies. I was asked to teach a health course this summer for incoming freshman as part of the student orientation on campus. I think the school officials just want to cover their assess and make sure boys and girls understand consent when they start going to college frat parties. I am always happy to teach Sex Ed. These are college students. I can be more explicit with them, which I love. After the first week, however, I had a disgruntled parent who did not approve of my direct and honest conversation about sex with his daughter. Friday, the dad paid me a visit to inform me that sex education is a subject to be taught at home. He believes sex is something that should only happen between married couples when they are trying to conceive. My mouth fell open. I mean if he wanted to treat his girl like she was living in Little House on the Prairie, he should not have sent her to a public college in liberal California. I have seen his daughter on campus, I seriously doubt she is a virgin. He was too pious for my tastes. He tried to suggest that I was a whore for wearing a short skirt and teaching sex ed to legal adults. Barely legal is still legal. He told me he forbid his daughter to take my course anymore and spoke to the dean about a religious exception.  I have decided that his daughter is going to be my pet project for the summer. I am going to turn his baby girl into the campus whore. I will have her pregnant and no clue who the baby daddy is before the official start of the fall semester. Then he is going to wish his precious girl had taken my course after all. Maybe you will want to help me turn daddy’s church girl into a campus whore?

Phone sex Therapy for Couples

phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy for couples is my favorite. I love talking to a married couple. I like being part of a hot threesome too. A couple I helped years ago paid me a visit over the weekend. They were former neighbors. The wife was cheating on her husband, not because he had a small dick, however. He has a nice cock, but back then he didn’t know how to use it. What good is 9 inches if you can’t make your woman cum? Naturally, she sought the comfort of men who could make her cum. When she confided this to me years ago, I told her she was missing a huge opportunity. She was married to a hung man who needed a naughty teacher in the bedroom.  A man wants to know how to please a woman and no two women like to be pleased the same way. I faulted her for not telling her husband how to make her cum. I had a few home sessions with them. He had the means to please lots of women, he just needed some guidance. I showed him how to eat her pussy. I showed him how to make her squirt, which he didn’t even know was possible. Neither did she! You need to be comfortable with your body. You need to know what makes you feel good, so you can convey that to others. They were both grateful to me for teaching them how to have great sex. If her husband had a small cock, I would have supported her cheating, but if a woman has a hung man in her bed, I just need to teach them how to please each other. I made a sex therapy porn with former neighbors. I love being a third wheel to a hot couple. This weekend, I was no wheel. They made me the center of their attention to thank me for making their sex life great. I love helping other have the best sex they can. Can I help you? The doctor is in.