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Ski Bunny Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex stories happen everywhere for me, even the ski lodge. I went skiing with a few friends for a couple days this week. We do it every year over winter break. We drink wine, ski and pick up men at the lodge. I make a hot ski bunny. On the last night there, we fought over a guy. Fought isn’t the right word, because we don’t compete in a bad way like the term suggests. He picked me out of the three ski bunnies. My fellow ski bunnies each picked up a guy too, it was just I got the hottest one. We all went back up to our suite for some naked hot tub fun. I was expecting a big cock on my catch, but was disappointed when he got in the hot tub and had a small pecker. My girlfriends and I, even the other two guys started laughing. It was like a bad Seinfield episode because he kept shouting “there’s shrinkage,” like George Costanza. Not that much shrinkage. I mean he was like a frightened turtle.  My girlfriends started making out with their hung studs; they were real men. I wanted to throw my catch back in the water. I told him to go put on my panties. Little clit sticks belong in panties. I didn’t want to see that eyesore anyway. The other guys were all like it’s okay babe, we got enough cock to share. I started sucking one of them by the fire. He was about 8 inches bigger than my loser. My girlfriends tied him down, so he wouldn’t rub his nub as I gave head to a real cock. Real men deserve great head. Losers deserve small dick humiliation. We taunted him, even the other two guys made fun of him, but instead of running away, he popped a chubby and got off. He was a good sport for a tiny dick loser. Would you have been such a good sport?