Tease and Denial

Tease and denial

My God how I love teasing you. Brushing my breasts or ass up against you in when we are in public, resting my hand on your thigh during dinners out, whispering in your ear how wet I am. I love going to the ladies room in the middle of dinner and bringing you back my soaked panties. I absolutely love seeing you quiver and shake as you feel that tingle down your spine and rush of blood to your cock. Building that anticipation of getting to fuck my tight, wet cunt just makes me want to tease you more. The best part? You might not even get to fuck me, yet. I may decide to build it even more by telling you no. Not only that, but telling you not to get off at all. To wait and build that orgasm so that when you finally do get to cum deep inside me it’ll feel even more amazing. Tease and denial is the name of the game…and you love every minute, don’t you?

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