Tease and denial is a necessary evil when playing with me!

Tease and denialTease and denial are necessary! I know how badly you want to use me; to let your rock-hard cock explode, but you can’t. That is my cock and I decide when to use it and when not to. I know it’s painful at this point. I’ve been teasing you for days. I strut around in the garter belt and thigh highs you love so much. Sitting on your lap with my crotchless panties and rubbing this pretty tight wet pussy allover your big dick. I can feel it twitch as you imagine me letting you slide deep inside this warm sweet tight cunt.

My wet warm cunt is begging to be pounded and I squeeze my thighs together and grind. Your cock is captured between, and I’m stroking you just right. I hear you let out a slight breathy moan and I speed up for just a second, then when you grabbed, me I knew you are getting close and my dick wanted to cover me with that warm creamy load. I pushed you off me and walked away leaving a wet spot where my pussy laid. You see this is the fun game we play! Edging is like taking you right to the best part, but not letting you get there to build the anticipation. Yes, its true I’ve been going a bit extreme, but baby this is my world you are just living in it as my loyal sex slave!

The next time you see me I’m on my back legs spread wide and I’m ramming my pretty pink pussy hard and fast. I’m moaning and you can see just how dripping wet I am. I cum so hard I squirt and hit you as your standing there dick hard across the room. Your cock has to crave me more than ever. You can see both my whore holes begging to be used but guess what baby there not getting used by you quiet yet. I want to wait till I get this bed soaking wet. Then after I cum until I can’t anymore, I may let you let loose those heavy blue balls!

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