Therapist Diagnosis: You’re a Jealous Cuck

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So, you let your wife fuck outside cock and now you’re upset that she loves fucking him more than she likes fucking you? You worthless, pathetic little worm! She wants a real man with a real cock, and you are not that man. A black cock, especially, can fuck her better than your cock ever could. As your therapist, however, I don’t believe that you are really mad about your wife getting the best dicking of her life. You are just jealous that he is not blowing your back out. You may enjoy licking his cum out of her pussy, but you want him to fill you up as well. Your treatment plan? That man already made you his bitch when he fucked your wife right in front of you. You might as well get in there and suck his cock. If you’re a good cock whore, maybe he’ll get some of his friends to fuck both you and your wife.

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