There’s Definitely Sex in the Champagne Room!

Sexy Babe


Working in a gentleman’s club, I’ve seen it all…and done it all. I am a sexy babe after all! The other night I had a client that bought out the champagne room and bought me for the night. He was a tall, dark and handsome black man that smelled amazing. He wound up buying all my dances for the night and just wanted me to party with him all night long. I could tell he had money, so I didn’t mind. As soon as I got in the room, I started shaking my ass to the music, quickly stripping out of my thong and bra, giving a full naked lap dance. As I was grinding on him, I could feel his cock getting hard in his pants, so I started grinding harder, hoping for some additional tips if I could make him cum. He started to get handsy, rubbing on my bare ass and thighs until his hand made its way to my bald pussy, rubbing my clit and sticking a big black finger inside. He made me so wet, and he knew it! He finger fucked me hard and fast while I kept grinding on his dick, tilting my head back onto his shoulder, my legs spread eagle on his lap. He fingered me so hard and good, he had me squirting across the room! He patted my pussy and told me he had to get some of this beautiful ebony pussy, and I nodded in agreement, wanting him. He wanted to fuck me so badly that he didn’t even let me suck his cock, he was ready to dig into my insides. He pulled his big black cock out of his pants, and I sat all the way down on it, fucking him raw. That dick felt so fucking good inside me! My pussy gobbled up all 12 inches as I bounced on his dick like a pogo-stick. I creamed on his cock and squirted again, which made him grab my hips tightly and pound me hard, thrusting upward so hard he made my big tits bounce wildly. He came so deep in my pussy, and I made sure to milk him…I want to drain his balls (and wallet) for EVERYTHING he’s got. Hopefully I get pregnant and get myself and healthy monthly check in support!

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