this hottie will use you for her Ass fetish

Since I have an Ass fetish, I make all my lovers lick my bootyhole. Since I am your spoiled princess, I just have to bend over and spread my ass cheeks for you to lick me. Right away you dive in like a hungry bitch. I can feel your tongue flicking over and over on my asshole. But then I feel your hands running up down my thighs and touching my feet. “Do you miss my pretty toes?” I ask while you keep licking me.

Ass fetish

After I bit more of licking, you beg “Please, my sugar hottie let me kiss your feet” you beg as I keep using your mouth. “If you want to kiss my feet, you have to let me use you to try out my new toy” I say mischievously. You shake your head in agreement. That is when I sit back and shove my toes in your mouth. “Suck them like you want your cock sucked” I say as I wiggle my toes in your mouth.

Seeing how much it excites you, makes me ready to use you. Since you spoil me, I get to let my dominant side out. After my feet are sloppy wet, I rub them all over your face and walk to my room. After I come in you see me wearing a big lubed up strap on cock. “Now spread your ass, I will test it out on you now” I say as I rub my strap on your man pussy.

Then I push inside you. You moan out in pleasure and pain. That just makes me want to fuck you even more. Therefore, I pound you hard over and over. Having a hottie use your man pussy after sucking on her toes since you have Foot fetishes, makes you cum hard and you spray all over my floor. “Now clean it up and get home” I say as I pull my big strap cock out your man pussy.

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