You like Watching my Small Boobs Bounce

small boobs

That’s right baby you walked right in on me fucking Angelo’s big fat dick!  My panties pulled to the side right on our big bed, my small boobs bounced so well for you. You love having this tiny half Asian girl as your girlfriend don’t you. You honestly thought my small body would accommodate your tiny dick. You seem to have mis thought and hired a gardener with a big ass dick by mistake. I didn’t even take my eyes off yours as I moaned as he pumped me over and over. I told you that you could watch or get out. I loved when you started filming me and him fucking. I got wilder and climbed on top to give you great point of view shots as I took his cock deep in my pussy. I figured you would mind me fucking his big cock since you had been calling cuckold phone sex and fantasying about me and another for a while.  Well, now you can watch as your Princess girlfriend gets fucked by a man who can really please me.

cuckold phone sex


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  1. Phil

    I love your small boobs. Yummy.

  2. Luther

    My sexy Young dom I love your blogs.

  3. dan

    damn u fine baby

  4. Ryan

    I want to watch you get fucked.

  5. Ethan

    You are one fine piece of ass CJ

  6. Evan

    Beautiful eyes and pussy

  7. Robert

    Your voice your words one of the best.

  8. Pete

    You are very pretty

  9. Hank

    I am so into you babe.

  10. Johnson

    Perfect size tits

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