your Ass fetish is why you pay me

You having an Ass fetish works out for my advantage. Since I’m the hottie you always wanted to get and couldn’t, you’ll do anything to be able to have me smother you. You want to sniff my cunt and ass. Your tongue gets hungry for my holes. After you give me my weekly allowance, I strip for you. I know you have a little cock that is why you spoil a sexy slut like me.

Ass fetish

Once my ass was at eye level, I bent over and spread my cheeks. The smell of my sex drives you wild. Therefore, you start licking me right away. Your tongue starts lapping at my clit and you work your way up to my asshole. After you are licking my asshole, all I hear is you moaning. You moan like a fat teeny eating cake.

The way you push your tongue inside my ass is like you wish you could push your cock in me. But it is the size of your tongue and that is why you use it to fuck me. “You love tasting me don’t you?” I say teasingly. “That is why I pay you” you respond as you come up from licking my asshole. You lay back and say “smother my face”.

That is all I needed to hear. I climbed right on top and used him. My cunt and asshole feel so good while you lick me, that I start squirting all over. After you were drenched and drowning on my juices your dicky dripping some cummy cream down to your vales. That was more than you would have gotten without your wallet.

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