Your Sexy Girlfriend Loves Your Foot Fetishes


Foot Fetishes

You don’t have to be shy with your foot fetishes , my love. I want to make sure every one of your desires are fulfilled. I have a naughty fantasy myself. When you come home I want to surprise you, only wearing my panties and socks. I know that I always make you hard, but I want my feet to be worshiped. I just came back from a run, and my pretty feet are all hot and sweaty. You love my smelly socks, don’t you? I want to watch you peel my socks off my feet. Smell them, honey. I want my stinky feet to make your cock hard.
Don’t be shy, drag your tongue from heel to toe. Use your tongue to clean the smell of sweat off my soft soles. And my toes too. Each pretty little piggy needs your attention. Take your time and suck every one of my toes. Slide your tongue between my toes too. Worship my feet. Try to put my entire foot in your mouth if you can. They’re all yours. You can’t help but get rock hard when I wiggle my tootsies in your mouth. I love that you want every single part of me. And I want you to prove it. Beg to be allowed to cum while you worship my feet.

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