A parolee and his violated asshole

Domination porn

Parolee number 119823 has been a very bad boy, and my patience is stretched to the end with him. He has a check in today and he’s already 5 minutes late. Not a good idea to keep your vindictive parole officer waiting.
I call him and leave a voice mail. “Hello 119823, I’m going to have you meet me at my home tonight to make up for your missed appointment.” I left my address on the message and time to be there.
8 pm and there is a knock. My parolee has arrived and is apologizing up and down for missing our appointment. He is working 3rd shift and fell asleep. I told him he will not fall asleep for this.
I took him to my dungeon told him to get on the floor and lay back with knees up. I put old school cuffs on each of his wrists and then bring his ankles up to each cuff. Bound legs up ass open. I blindfold him and ask if he is ready to be a good parolee. He says yes but I know he is lying. “Maybe this will be the lesson you need bad boy.”

Domination phone sex

From the corner comes one of my other parolees, he’s 6’5, black and hung like a horse. I pour some lube on bad boy’s asshole and horse cock stuffs his thick-headed cock right in. Bad boy lets out a whimper and a moan at the same time. Once he is balls deep horse cock starts to pound bad boy’s asshole brutally. I go up to the bad boy’s head and whisper in his ear. “Who’s my bitch? You will get this brutal fucking every day if you don’t start behaving, is that clear?” I get a yes Ma`am in between every thrust into his asshole.
Sore and fucked raw bad boy is released and sent home. Lesson learned maybe, we’ll see.

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