A perfect NIGHT


Hot Sexy WomanI met the PERFECT guy last night. He wanted me to hang all over him. He showed me off to all his friends. And I doted and fawned all over him. Three of his friends gave me their number on the down low and I made a BIG deal of saying I would NEVER leave Kevin. That he was the best lover I had ever had! Of course it was a lie. But it really made Kevin’s day! Then I let him buy me dinner and take me home. Kevin thought he MIGHT get to fuck me. But I let him know I earn the treats. Not him. If he wanted my goodies. He had to EARN IT. I made Kevin shave my pussy…CLEAN and smooth. I had him wash every single part of me, even my hair. Then I let him dry my whole body off. He was hard for HOURS before I let him kiss me! By the time I opened my legs he was already ready to cum. So I made him lick my pussy till I came first! THEN and only then did I let him fuck me! He didn’t last all the long! BUT he did make up for it in amount! He showered me in cum! A happy ending for EVERYONE!

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