Are you ready for Halloween? I am!

best phone sexAre you all ready for Halloween? I know I am! I just went to a Halloween party last night and it was amazing; the whole place was all decked out in red and black and it was spooky as hell! I was loving it tho, I was all dressed up and sexy as hell, honestly I was the center of attention the whole night because clearly I was the best looking woman there. I could pick any man there but I finally decided on James, he was tall and sexy and black so I knew that his cock wouldn’t disappoint me. We went back to my place and I knew I made the right choice when I pulled that big black cock out of his pants, it was HUGE and instantly my panties were soaking wet! I tried to swallow that beast but could only get it part way down my throat, that’s how big it was! When he shoved it in my pussy I thought for sure he would rip me in half but man I wanted it anyway. He made me cum harder than I ever have before, it was amazing!

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