Ass fetish?

Ass fetish If you have an ass fetish boo believe me Ill be shaking it right in your face. We had a live party last night played pong and I met a lot of beautiful girls and sexy men. The night ended so great I was walking around in my cute little short skirt showing my ass off dancing and having such a great time. This guy I met last night pulled me into the room and shoved me to the wall and told me he was going to fuck me. It turned me on so much I was teasing him all night long I’m glad he pulled me aside. He kissed all down my body grabbed a hand full of ass ate my pussy, played with clit stuck his dick in and started fucking my pussy up. Ten minutes into it I got on top of him started teasing his cock with my tongue licked my pussy juice all up rubbed my pussy up and down his shaft and put it in. Bouncing on cocks wile drunk is a little wild for me to do because I don’t drink much but when I do another side comes out. Other sides are fun to let come out.

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