Ass Fetish Makes Me Squirt For Him

Ass Fetish

My boyfriend has a serious ass fetish. He can’t get enough of sticking his face right between my ass cheeks. Every time I get up and try to walk by him he has to grab my waist, pull me back, and bury his face as deep as he can get. Sniffing in the scent of my sweet booty. He moans every time he gets close to my tight little hole. Whenever we have sex he always wants to finish in my ass. Thankfully, I love getting fucked up my tiny asshole. But he is so obsessed with stuffing his cock in my ass and stretching me out that sometimes he forgets to gently put the tip in. He just throws my legs up and rams his entire thick cock so fucking deep inside me that I scream. I love getting stretched out though, and feeling the way he rams his dick into my ass make me cum so fucking hard. His warm creamy cum filling up my tight ass is always so fucking hot that I can’t help but let my little pussy squirt for him.

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