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I love big black cock- it’s so girthy, long and able to pleasure me. I’m not necessarily a size queen but black cock is exponentially better than pathetic little white cocks. My new sexy black boyfriend has an enormous cock- big enough to make me orgasm and pleasure me way more than my ex-boyfriend. Speaking of my ex-boyfriend, that pathetic little runt came by my condo the other day begging to get back together. I told him that while I really care for him, he just simply cannot satisfy me with his little pecker. I told him my new black boyfriend was on his way over and that I’d show him what a real man looks like. When my new man showed up I had them stand side by side and drop their pants. The difference was incredible, while my BBC boyfriend had a massive cock even for being soft, my little twerp ex had a sad shriveled Vienna sausage. I could tell he was getting turned on by the sheer massiveness of my BBC bull. I make sure to measure them up and then I have my pitiful ex hold my black boyfriend’s cock in his hand, “You feel that weight and girth in your hand? That’s what a real cock is like.” I made my ex hold onto his cock while I kissed and licked my new beau’s huge black dick. I made him hold onto it while I sucked him hard. He seemed really turned on by that and I even saw his pitiful peepee get hard as I did it. I then had my ex suck his cock to see how it feels to have something that big in his mouth and made him watch while I got my asshole stuffed with BBC. He kept rubbing his tiny penis while I was stretched and fucked by an 11-inch black dick. When my bull finally came inside me, my ex licked up all the cum that gushed out of my ass and he said, “I wish I was big enough for you!”

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