Bdk’s sexy surprise

sexy legssexy babeOur Papi king loves when Lena and I both strut in our bikinis. Summertime is fast approaching, and I can’t wait for our sweet BDK to set some time from his busy schedule and spends time with his two favorite girls. Papi king has already spoiled us enough with our fun shopping sprees and our late night rendezvous.BDK’s anaconda has a mind of its own when the anaconda catches a glimpse in our custom made bikinis encrusted with BDK on it; The anaconda wants to come out and play. Lena looked hot in her unique bikini. Her sexy legs were fascinating. I, of course, had a beautiful bikini too and Papi king couldn’t get his hands off me when he made his way to us. Papi surprised us when he arrived from a busy workday. While our king was away, he set us up with a spa day, and he wanted tons of pictures of us in our new bikinis. The anaconda was ready to play when he got to the spa. Lena and I always have to show our gratitude to the delicious anaconda. We both love million dollar nut cream.

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