Being Paid To Take A Load

Great Blowjobs RamonaPaid escort Ramona here to give you a little background on why I think you will not only love my great blowjobs, but why you will pay more for mine than any other slut out there! Let’s face it, the key to a man’s happiness is his penis. Men will go very far to get it taken care of right, and that is where I get most of my clientele. They grow frustrated because the most precious women in their lives, just can’t seem to swallow the cock in a proper manor. So I am here to tell you how serious I take my job, yes my blowjob. I am all about customer service and I truly believe in order to give proper service you need to take things to new levels!

First of all, I know I get paid money (good money) to be fed your cock and balls, but honestly we may call it a blowjob – but I love it. Yes I love sucking cock. My attitude is more energetic and enthusiastic then your normal slut. I love cock. Plain and simple. Second, I can name at least five positions that you probably had not even thought of, or would imagine make a big difference in the way a man will enjoy his cock being sucked. Just a simple twist of the neck can make all the nerves along your cock go into overdrive! And even though I could go through and name all of my special cock sucking qualities, the most important is how I take care of the reward you give me. Most girls either spit or swallow. I however am not so black and white. You unload your load where you want! In my face, mouth, tits, ass cheeks, it’s your game baby! Just play it with this sexy babe! Sexy Babe Ramona

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