Business Partner’s Treat

best phone sexI was almost totally nude when you walked into your hotel room. You were surprised and thought you might have gone into the wrong room. I gave you a wickedly little smile and assured you that you were indeed in the right room. Your business partner had paid for me to entertain you for the night. I walked over to you wearing nothing other than my high heels. I told you to allow me to help you get more comfortable and slide off your suit jacket. You started yanking on your tie and I was unbuttoning your shirt. I ran my dark red nails across your chest and sucked on one of your nipples. I could see your scrumptious cock growing hard through your pants. I helped you out of your pants and told you to sit back in the chair. Then I kneeled before you and started licking on your big thick cock. Playing with your balls with my hand before I slide my mouth all the way down your hard throbbing cock. Going deeper every time until my mouth was at the base of your cock. I could feel your cock throbbing in my mouth. Then you exploded shooting your hot salty cum all in my mouth and deep into my throat…

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