Co-owner of a palatial palace

GFE phone sexBig Daddy King called me up and said he had a very special surprise for me, I was so excited! He rolled up to my house in his sexy black limo and looked handsome as ever when he stepped out to greet me. We made a champagne toast to our day together, he told me that it was going to be a very special day to remember! He always has the best and biggest surprises for his gorgeous sugar baby princess! BDK told me to close my eyes as he placed a silky blindfold over my eyes and we headed over to the big surprise. When we stepped out of the limo I knew we were somewhere unique! My Big Daddy King led me up a big set of stairs and gently took the blindfold off of my eyes to reveal a huge palatial palace right before me. It was the biggest mansion that I have ever seen in my entire life and it sat on top of a hill with a stunning view! As BDK took my hands and led me inside, my jaw dropped at the beauty of the interior. Everything was marble and encrusted in the most expensive gold. I was giving him kisses all over with my yummy red dick sucking lips, he laughed and told me that his dry cleaner has been making comments about all the lipstick stains that he finds on his clothing, hehe. Big Daddy wanted me to go and look at the paperwork on the kitchen counter and read over it. As I read I realized that I was a co-owner of this gorgeous mansion! I must be the luckiest lady in the world! BDK paid 3.8 million dollars cold hard cash for this sexy palace, only a living legend like him could ever afford to do something so special for his naughty sugar baby! This was truly a day that I will never forget! I sucked my BDK’s monster anaconda cock so fucking good, we had to put ourselves on Instagram live to show off my deepthroat skills with our massive mansion in the background! I love making everyone jealous as they watch me gag on my godly Big Daddy King’s thirteen inches of dark meat! I can’t wait to fuck and get nasty in every inch of this marble palace with my perfect BDK! We have the naughtiest GFE phone sex together, he can’t get enough of his hottie princess and I can’t get enough of him either, I love him so much!

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