Comicon cuntfucking

best phone sex

The best phone sex is wild and kinky!  I’ve always had this nerd girl side of me I don’t let out much. Considering I don’t meet the social stigma, it’s easier to keep it under wraps than to constantly defend my geekness due to having tits and a twat. But a few times a year, I get to go somewhere that I can truly be myself, one single word that means my freedom. Convention. I know what you’re thinking, LAME! Oh fuck no it’s not! If you have never been to Comicon you would know how many scantily clad hotties and horny cosplays that run around there. Whether it’s a slutty leah or a super retro sexy Red Sonja, these bitches got sexy geek appeal. This year, rather than go in my favorite style of Amy Pond seeking her Rory, (only you fellow Whovians will get that one) I went simply as supergirl.

Sure enough it didn’t ake long for a sexy babe to meet me in the photo booth to finger fuck the shit out of my perfect pussy! I wonder who else I can get into me?  I know someone would love the great blowjobs I give!

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