Erotic roleplaying

Erotic roleplaying has always been something I truly love to engage in. Sadly I married someone so boring and so unimaginative. It sucks not getting what I need from my husband that why lately I have totally rebelled and have been on a cheating spree. I have gotten it from everyone I laid my eyes on. If I see someone I like and someone I want to fuck I will do so and I will do so with no regrets. I use to feel bad for my husband but not anymore. I like dressing up and I love pain. Pain and pleasure go together In my world. I love inviting over those who will fill me up and make me orgasm not stop. I enjoy hot sluts like me I like dressing them up and licking their slits and making them cum with me. I have a hot plan and I hope my boring husband will participate. I plan on showing him what brings me excitement later this week. I will show him what gets his slut wife off. Hoping he’s a good sport and learns to please me like a good bitch. I just dream of fucking a ton of people right in front of him and I plan to make that happen ASAP. erotic roleplaying

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