Erotic Roleplaying : Naughty Nurse

erotic roleplayingLike my callers, I enjoy erotic roleplaying in the bedroom. Trey is this guy I met on Tinder. He has a nice cock, but sadly he is not very manly. It is okay though, I still get to have fun with him. He wanted to play naughty nurse. When he suggested it, I knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted a prostate exam. He wanted something up his ass. I had the feeling he was gay or at least bisexual, just not self aware about it. I am happy to help guys accept who they were meant to be, even if it is a waste of a great cock. I put on my naughty nurse outfit complete with latex gloves. They make the prostate exam. I lubed him up with some KY warming jelly. When I told him to bend over and cough, I thought he might cum right then. It took me only a few seconds to wiggle my finger around inside his ass before I found his pleasure spot. He was oozing pre cum as I massaged his prostate. I wanted him to have a hard, ball draining cum, so I put just enough pressure on his love gland to make him spontaneously shoot his load. He hit the ceiling he shot his load so hard. He loved it so much, he begged for some more. I gave him what he was afraid to admit he wanted: cock up his ass. Well, I didn’t give him a real cock. I put on my strap on I use with sissies, subs and closeted homosexuals. He came even harder as I rode his tight virgin ass. I called him a fag and he loved it. He was my bitch for a good two hours. Some guys just need some female domination porn star action. Do you?

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