Erotic Roleplaying with a Naughty Teacher

erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying is a great way to explore your naughty fantasies. I have always been a huge fan of role play on the phone and in the bedroom. I get a lot of requests for role plays that fall under the broad category of milf fantasies. You know, that hot mature woman in your life that you have always wanted to bang. Guys ask me if I have a favorite role play often. I honestly love them all. I get off on the creativity, the ability to be someone else. With that being said, I do really enjoy hot for teacher scenarios. I suspect it is because I am a teacher. The older I get, the more I lust for those young studs. I am torn. Do I become a Mary Kay Letourneau or a Pamela Smart without the whole murdering my husband thing, or do I explore my naughty desires for my students with you?

Danny called me today because he had a naughty teacher fantasy to explore. He always wondered what if about Mrs. Rydell.  He wanted to bang more than her erasers.  I can’t tell you how many times I have ducked into the faculty bathroom to masturbate so I could actually focus on my lesson plan for the day because a hot student got me horny. Danny needed some extra help on a project; of course Mrs. Rydell wants all her students to do well so she offered him some extra tutoring after class. His hard on for the teacher was undeniable. As much as I tried to ignore it, I couldn’t. My panties were soaking wet. He could actually smell my arousal. He pressed up against me as I was bent over the desk so I could feel his throbbing young cock. As his hands slipped under my pencil skirt, he found my wet warm pussy and started finger fucking me. Before long, his young spunk filled my cunt. It was spontaneous, unplanned so no protection. There is a strong possibility he knocked up the teacher. I guess I am Mary Kay Letourneau after all.

naughty teacher

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