Eveylyn Teases Her Dirty Neighbor

Voyeur phone sex

My neighbor is a dirty old man who is an extreme voyeur. I have know for quite some time that he likes watching me, but I don’t mind as a matter of fact it turns me on. Knowing that I sexually excite you makes my pussy wet. The fact that you think I am unaware, I find sexually stimulating. I like the little dance that we have going on between us. Where you are hiding behind your curtains thinking that I can’t see you watching me. I was in my bedroom today and had just started to read a book when I saw you staring at me. As soon as I looked your way you jumped back behind your curtains, but I could still see you peeking out. I decided to act like I was reading a hot steamy sex novel. I started rubbing my hands all over my huge boobs before I allowed my hand to move south to my hot wet pussy. I could tell by the movement coming from your curtains that you were stroking your big hard cock. So I pulled my panties over to the side to give you a good view of my wet juicy pussy. I even slide my fingers down and started finger fucking myself know you were masturbating to me. I would glance up every now and then to see what you were doing. Just as I started to orgasm I saw you blew your load covering your window in your hot jizz!

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