Face sitting

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I love sitting on a man’s face and having my pussy and ass licked. If a man’s cock is too small, he better be really good at oral to bring me to climax. I can only cum from regular sex if the guy’s dick is really huge and stretches me while he fucks me. My husband’s dick is so little I don’t let him stick it in me at all. Instead, he has to be my little pussy pleaser and service me orally. I could spend hours sitting on his face, cumming over and over again. The whole time he’s licking me, his little cock is so hard. I don’t let him cum until I’ve had multiple orgasms though. Only when he’s thoroughly licked my ass and pussy, do I allow him to jerk himself off. If I’m feeling generous though, of course. Sometimes I don’t allow him to orgasm for days at a time. I love edging and teasing him almost as much as I love sitting on his face!

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