Foot fetish sugar daddy

Foot fetishes

My newest sugar daddy has a foot fetish. He loves worshipping my feet, sucking on my toes, getting a foot job, and then cumming all over my feet. And guess what? I LOVE it! I just love the feeling of having my toes sucked and the soles of my feet licked. It feels soooo good. I love painting my toenails and putting on my sexiest pair of heels when I meet him and then seeing his eyes light up and his pants start to bulge when he sees my shoes and new pedi. Sometimes I think he likes playing with my feet more than he does fucking me. Last night he was sucking my toes and playing with my feet, an while he worshipped my feet, I rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy. I was so turned on! He gently ran the tip of his tongue from the bottom of my heel, up my sole, and to the tip of my big toe. It drove me wild! He got so aroused he took his cock out and placed it between both of my feet and began to slide it in and out. He held my feet together and fucked them while I rubbed my pussy and fingered myself. He was so turned on from having my feet on his hard cock that he was cumming in no time. He came all over my toes and the soles of my feet.



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  1. Mike

    Wow! You have very sexy feet and toes.

  2. ryker

    You are such a sexy little slut

  3. Joe

    Kinky ho I’m going to cum on those feet

  4. henry

    i’d love to suck and worship your pretty little toes!

  5. Sean

    sexy feet baby

  6. Greg

    I want your feet on my cock!

  7. Luke

    i want to put my cock in between your feet

  8. Adam

    What type of polish are you wearing today baby? Tell Daddy!

  9. Larry

    I want to suck on your toes baby.

  10. Carter

    id love to be your big dick daddy

  11. dick

    what a perfect pussy

  12. larry

    ooooh you have pretty feet

  13. pete

    you’re si cute baby

  14. Patrick

    Your toes are so suckable.

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