Foot Fetishes and Cum Drippings

Foot Fetishes Every stroke of your fetish and cock brings me  closer to you.  Every pound inside my tight little hole drives me over the edge. With each sound there is a pattern of a an orgasmic dance that is just covered between you and I. Your pleasure of calling me has told me that you want to play the sonnet and the dance that has brought us together. My tits and cunt have waited for your lips and your cock is throbbing from wanting to put it inside of me. You love the fact that I talk when we are fucking and my accent drives you so crazy .With desire that topples over you push into me  so hard that you can’t let go of me. I am that fucking lover that just drives you insane! You love the taste of sweetness that I bring to you and the golden locks of my hair just make you go wild! You are hot with every word I say and you just love the accent that gives you so much pleasure! I hold on to the bond that we share and as you fuck me I tell you my kinky nature and  it  just drives you up the wall! Tonight I felt your cum and fetish and it drove me crazy!

     We are dancing to the tune of the fetish and you are fucking me with every stroke of word and message you are telling me. Your cock is so hard and stiff and it receives such pleasure from my words that you just keep on fucking me harder and harder and throbbing to the dance of me saying the words and each stroke of your cock is sending me higher. We have created our own rhythm and each time we fuck you create more then I can bare and it takes me over the edge again!

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