Forced Feminization

Forced Feminization

When we got together with another couple for some swinger fun, I forgot to warn them how tiny your cock is. We were all groping and rubbing on each other, but when the clothes came off, the other girl started laughing when she realized that was all you were packing. Her man had a huge, veiny rod, big enough to split a girl in half. Looks like the plans were going to change slightly. As we continued to giggle about your itty bitty pecker, we ladies started getting frisky with the hung stud. We took turns sucking his cock and riding his face while we made you watch from the corner. Then, as I was getting nailed from behind while eating pussy, the other woman had an amazing idea. We tied your hands behind your back, and I held your jaw open as she guided her man’s juicy fuckstick right into your mouth. We giggled as we watched you gag on his shaft. You’re such a sissy, you didn’t even try to fight back when he jammed himself balls deep down your throat. Then we had the stud fuck me in the ass while my tits shook in your face, just so you could taste your woman’s ass on another man’s dick. All three of us had massive orgasms, squirting and gushing all over each other. When the stud blew his load, the other girl and I shared his sperm before we spit it back onto you and let it drip from your head all the way down to your neck and chest. It was nice getting some real cock for once.

Small Dick Humiliation

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