Fun Night

Sexy phone sex I asked my boyfriend if we could pretty please have a 3 some with my friend Donna. He said we could and I was very excited. I have not seen Donna in years since she had moved away. She was coming back to the area for a visit. We wanted to hook up but now I had a boyfriend. So we made it a 3 some as long as my man was in agreement and he was. We all went out for dinner and drinks. And then back to our house. We put on some music and started to dance sexual and rub up against each other. It had been so long since I had been with Donna I could not help myself I started making out with her. Rubbing up against her body. My boyfriend helped us by getting us out of our clothes as Donna and I were really getting into each other. It was a 2 some at this point. Giggles not a 3 some. However I do not think my man minded much. He was getting involved just hanging back and giving Donna and I some much needed time together. I personally think he was enjoying the show.

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