Fund My Shopping Spree

Hot sexy womanYour wallet wants to come along for the ride with me as I shop at the mall all day long on my sexy shopping spree! All I need are your funds, so be a good little bitch boy and had over your credit cards, I promise you that I won’t be nice to them! In fact, I plan on using and abusing your bank accounts as much as I possibly can! That’s just how it goes when I have my financial domination over your pathetic loser ass! Lucky for you, it makes you horny as fuck and your cock starts to throb as you get me anything and everything that I fucking want! Whatever my wishes are, you make them come true, and that’s all you’re good for! Know your place in my life as my personal piggy bank that I have access to whenever my heart desires. Be my good boy and listen to everything that you mistress goddess tells you to do!

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