Get On Your Knees And Worship Me

Princess phone sexI find your amusing, following me around just to “bump” into me by chance. You are always staring but you know that you don’t have the means to take care of me. Your chances with me are very slim. You don’t have the means to spoil me nor the looks and body to please me. However your efforts have made me feel so sorry for you, I decide to play with you anyways. I order you until your knees. I lift my foot up and push your head down with it all the way to floor. You are bowing to your princess now, I permit you to kiss my feet. Your hands gently caress my legs, going higher and higher as you working your way up. Making sure to not miss any part unkissed. As you get up to my skirt you will see I have no panties, my pussy visible wet. I grabbed the back of you head push you down while my pussy grinds your face. I not sure if you can quite breath but I do not care. I cum all over your face. With myself satisfied I have no more use for you, so I leave you with you face wet and smelling like my pussy.

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