GFE You Won’t Soon Forget

GFE Phone Sex

Even though I am young, I have learned how to treat a man with me dating men much older than me. I have a very slim, sexy body with a tight wet and bald pussy. It makes so wet to be able to titillate men and even women. One thing and this might sound selfish, but, I want my needs met first before we even move on to you. I am so use to being spoiled but I am a sure thing. I have this client that is a charming, exciting handsome gentleman. He invited me over to this nice five star hotel and he had strawberries and champagne waiting on me. He told me that the champagne brings out the flavor in the berries. I was wearing my purple satin strapless dress with matching panties. He came over and kissed my neck and picked me up and carried me into the room.

He laid me down and pulled my panties off, kissing down my thighs on his way down. He kissed back up to my thigh and kissed everywhere but my pussy. I beg him to please fuck my bald cunt with his mouth. He did just that making me cum so hard all over his face, he was sucking on my clit and rolling it in between his teeth while fucking me with two fingers as hard and deep as he could. All he wanted in return was a nice massage, I oiled him up and oiled my breasts up. I sat on top of him and rubbed his body in a sensual manner while he massaged my slick tits. I started jacking him off and even went down and put my mouth over the head and was thrusting up and I was massaging his balls and I felt them get tight. I got over him and had him climax all over my bare ass.

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