Give me what I want…. Please

Cum on boobs

Probably asking, what does she want? Maybe from my blog picture, you can guess. I want you to cum all over me, my mouth my, down my chin and of course onto my tits. I want to make you watch while I lick it off my lips, dip my fingers into your warm hot load and show you how I swallow it right down. Suddenly my pussy starts to ache again, you are spent for now but I have a great idea. I set you down in a chair and put it next to the bed. I prop myself up with some pillows and lay down right in front of you, my pussy close enough for you to touch. I spread my legs nice and wide, I take a handful of your cum that is on my tits and I start using it to masturbate. My clit starts to respond pretty quickly. Are you watching intently as your cum makes my pussy slick, a whole other kind of cream pie I think? I start to cum and you see my pussy and asshole contracting and all at once you are pounding my pussy hard. Oh and there you go again cumming. Yum!

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