Golf Course Sex

                                                                                                                    sensual phone sex                  We were on the golf course playing a round. I was of course losing. Not being the most gracious loser. I decided maybe I could distract you. So when the wind picked up I bent over and let it blow up my shirt. I turned my head to see your response. I had made you blush. I decided to take it a bit further and shake my ass at you. You walked over and playfully smacked my ass. I told you I would have a lot more fun playing with your balls instead of golf balls. I reached over and rubbed my hand on your crotch. I could feel your cock getting hard. You took my hand and lead me off the course to a semi-private area. You leaned me up against a tree then you pulled my panties aside and inserted your big hard cock. I wrapped my legs around you as you started thrusting that throbbing cock deep into my hot wet pussy. I let out a little scream as you exploded inside my juicy pussy. I look over your shoulder and see three men starring. Oh well, I guess we gave them a free show!

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