Gwen Misbehaves

best phone sex I am all dress up and ready for us to go out when the phone rings. You tell me that it is work and you have to take the call. Twenty minutes later you are still on the phone. I decide that I have had enough, and I will get your attention one way or the other. I start doing a little strip tease. You smile at me, but mouth behave. Oh, I have no intention of behaving. I keep taking off my clothes until I have nothing other than stockings. I then go in the closet and return with a dildo. I lay back on the floor and start fucking myself with the sex toy that you bought. I can tell that it is working by the bulge in your pants. I would say that you scrumptious cock is probably wanting some release. You tell the person on the phone that you will have to call them back. You sit down on the sofa and tell me to come here and to bring my toys with me. You take the toys and throw them down on the sofa. When you reach up and grab my arm, I realize that I pushed you too far. I then find myself over your knee with your hand coming down hard on my ass checks. You tell me that naughty girls get punished in this house and then you spank me some more. You then have stand up and bend over the sofa. I think that my ass is finally going to get some relief when you pull my hair back and whisper in my ear that naughty girls get ass fucked. You stick your giant fuck rod in my pussy just to lube it up, and then you pull it out and ram it into my ass. You start fucking my ass hard and fast. I am rubbing on my clit as you are fucking my ass and I scream out in heaven as you cum up my ass. Then you pick up the toy and put up my ass. You tell me to go stand in the corner and that you had better not hear a peep. Then back to your work call you go.

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